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Putting you back in touch with your body through massage.

At Elite Massage, we are committed to putting you back in touch with your body. Through hands-on techniques of soft tissue massage and deep tissue massage you can learn how to hear your body again, which will help you escape from inefficient movement patterns to create new possibilities for yourself.

Have you ever watched a child move?

Children are completely in tune with their bodies. They are aware of how they can move, how they feel, and what they are capable of doing. Through the years, we often lose this gift and grow unattached to our bodies. We become disengaged and accustomed to the nagging aches and pains that prevent us from participating fully in the activities we enjoy. You let us know your specific comfort and pressure requirements before and during each massage treatment so our touch is never too deep or too gentle. Our massage techniques are always tailored to your uniqueness. Learn how to listen to your body again! Move like a child again-- at Elite Massage in Watertown, MA!


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